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I have more than 20 years of experience in IT. I have been working since 2010 as Mobile Developer. During this time I have made many mobile applications IOS with Swift and Android with Java and Kotlin.

My professional objective is to continue growing and specializing in mobile technologies, specifically in mobile software architecture.

I enjoy creating innovative solutions. I like to keep learning, helping people, and making a difference wherever I go!


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Projects and Portfolios

Moey! Mobile App Banking

Technologies: VIP Clean Swift, RxSwift, RxDataSource, RxCocoa, Moya, ViewCode for UI, SnapKit, TinyConstraints, Sentry.

100% digital banking app, MBWay integration, Apple Pay integration, Withdraw money via ATM, etc.

App Store       Moey Site

HomeCom Easy

Technologies: UiKit Storyboard, SwiftUI, RxSwift, RealmDb, Swinject, Lottie, Cocoa pods, Charts, XCTest.

IOT - Internet of things mobile project, developed to control smart devices remotely in a simple and intuitive way.

App Store       YouTube

Electrolux Home+

Technologies: IOS, SwiftUI, Combine,Alamofire, ViewCode

IOT - Internet of things mobile project, developed to connect with Electrolux's smart devices.

App Store       YouTube

Wise Up Online

Technologies: React Native, Video Player developed in Kotlin with ExoPlayer and Swift with AvPlayer

With more than 120.000 active user, this is an english school 100% online.

Home page       App Store       Google Play

Meu Sucesso App

Technologies: React Native, Video Player developed in Kotlin with ExoPlayer and Swift with AvPlayer is the School of Insights for you who dream of taking that project of yours out of paper. Here, knowledge and entertainment go together to lead you to the success you are looking for.

Home page       App Store       Google Play

Number One Online App

Technologies: Android Native Java and Kotlin

Number One Online is an extension application for the Number One English school.

Google Play

Wise Up Plus App

Technologies: Android Native Java and Kotlin

Wise Up Plus is an extension application for the Wise Up English school.

Google Play

Trail App Data Colector

Technologies: Android Xamarin Forms

Trail is a WMS-Warehouse Management System, Shop Floor and inventory app integrated with ERP Totvs/Protheus.

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Minerva Mobile App

Technologies: Android and IOS Xamarin Forms

Minerva Mobile is an app for appointments of employees and consultants. Used by RSAC Solutions company.

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Technologies: core MVC and WebApi

RDS-Reception and Dispatch System, is a Webapp for receiving and shipping grain in ports and warehouses.

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Professional Experience

Bliss/Moey Digital bank, Lisbon, Portugal

Digital Portuguese Bank.

Tech lead / Senior IOS Developer

Part of the IOS team with Swift, responsible for creating new features, app maintenance, team development, improvement, and project organization.

  • Mobile technologies: RxSwift, RxDataSource, RxCocoa, Moya, SnapKit, TinyConstraints, ViewCode for UI, Firebase, Sentry, Fastlane, Sourcery, Xcode Templates.

  • Patterns/Architecture: VIP Clean Swift.

  • Other Tools: Figma, Azure DevOps.

Olisipo/Bosch, Aveiro, Portugal

Global Thermotechnology Industry.

IOS developer

Part of the IOS team that develops and maintains a multi-branding application, connected with Bosch/Vulcano smart appliances such as air conditioners, heat pumps, boilers, underfloor heating, etc.

  • Mobile technologies: RxSwift, RealmDb for cache, Swinject for DI, Lottie for animations, UiKit Storyboard, Firebase, Test flight, Cocoa pods, Alamofire for Rest, Charts, XCTest for unit test, Appium for UITest, Fastlane and Jenkins for CI.

  • Patterns/Architecture: MVP-Model View Presenter, Clean Code, Use Case, Repository, Factory Provider, Spy test double, Mock Test.

  • Other Tools: Miro, Abstract, Jira, Bitbucket, SAFe, Scrum, Sonar Cube for Quality Code.

Blendit/Electrolux, Curitiba, Brazil

Global appliance company.

IOS developer

Responsible for the development of the revamp of HomePlus App, an IOT project developed to connect with Electrolux's smart devices.

  • Mobile technologies: SwiftUI, Combine, URLSession, Azure DevOps, Microsoft App Center, Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics, App Center to Distribute, Swift Manage Package, Cocoa pods, XCode, and JetBrains AppCode.

  • Other Tools: Zeplin, OverFlow, AdobeXD

Samcorp, Curitiba, Brazil

A Software development company for customers in Brazil and Argentina.

Mobile Developer

I worked as an Android and IOS Developer responsible for the maintenance of all android java/kotlin for Wiser Educação Group and help to create a native video player for IOS. My best project was creating a video player component based on Google Exoplayer for android and AVPlayer for IOS with the objective to reuse it on all apps, this allowed cost savings and increase development time in many projects. I Developed the React Native Bridge of this player to be used in all React Native projects by other developers. Some of these applications have more than 120k active users.

  • Mobile technologies: Android Studio, Java/Kotlin, Video and live streaming for HLS video format, Google ExoPlayer, xCode, Swift, AVPlayer, Firebase Remote Config, Push notifications, React Native for android/IOS bridge, BitBucket Pipeline, Fastlane, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Crashlytics.

  • Local Database: RealmDb, and Room framework to sync with backend.

  • Automated Test: Firebase TestLab and Android Expresso UI Test.

Samcorp, Curitiba, Brazil

Software Engineer

I worked as a software engineer, participating in the development and go-live in 3 ships ports in Argentina of the RDS( Receipt and Dispatch System of Trucks and Ships) and was responsible for integration with IoT equipment.

  • Automated test technologies: Selenium WebDriver for UI Tests, xUnit for unit test and integration test.

  • Management methodology: Kanban,Git flow and github enterprise for source control.

  • Other technologies: IoT, RFID, PLC/ModBus integration for weighing, loading, and unloading trucks, and trains without operator intervention.

Rsac Solutions, Curitiba, Brazil

Consulting Company for ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning System) Totvs/Protheus (the biggest Brazilian ERP) helping the client to implement, customize, and integrate Web/Mobile solutions.

Tech Leader/Mobile Developer

I worked as a tech leader, with 4 mobile developers, on projects for WMS-Warehouse Management System, Shop Floor, and inventory integrated with ERP Totvs/Protheus.

  • As a Tech Leader, I've trained 2 Junior C# developers to start in our Team. Also implemented Source Control Versioning using GitLab in all projects and implemented a development process using Kanban to manage our tasks.

  • As a developer, I finished many projects for WinCE, WinMobile, and Android with Xamarin and Java. I started this initiative as a strategy to replace older applications with Android apps. This allowed the company to acquire new customers in 2018 because the total cost of the project was reduced by up to 60%. Minerva Mobile

Ábaco IT, Cuiabá, Brazil

Software Developer company to Government with more than 100 employees.

Project Manager

Project manager of consortium between two business companies to develop Software for the Social security government.

  • I managed 8 Projects in 7 states in Brazil and led a team of 20 developers and business analysts.

  • I participated in the PMO-Project Management Office methodology implementation team.

  • Was Responsible to make project plans, risks, schedules, performance indicators, and meetings for strategic and operational alignment.

  • My biggest result was to be able to recover a lost project of $ 250 thousand, after a negotiation with the customer, writing the project plan, and monitoring the execution of the project for a month.

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FGV-Fundação Getulio Vargas

2004 - 2005

Master Business Administration, Project Management

IT College of Cuiabá

1998 - 2001

Graduate, Software Development

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